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AP report dismisses Israel’s claim on water tech advances

Tehran, Associated Press in a report derided the Israeli prime minister's offer to Iran in which he has claimed the regime's advancement in water technology.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a video clip, released in June, offered Israel's water expertise to Iran, he said 'faces an environmental disaster due to persistent drought'.

Today I'm going to make an unprecedented offer to Iran, Netanyahu said in the English-language video, which featured links to the State of Israel's Persian website with information about water shortage, and to a Persian-language Telegram account.

On August 4, AP released a report and said that experts wonder whether Israel's techical know-how will be enough to overcome the forces of nature further drying one of the most arid places on Earth.

'For years, public service announcements warned Israelis to save water: Take shorter showers. Plant resilient gardens. Conserve. Then Israel invested heavily in desalination technology and professed to have solved the problem by tapping into the abundant waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The once ubiquitous conservation warnings vanished, the AP report added.

It noted that now, a five-year drought is challenging that strategy, as farmers struggle and the country's most important bodies of water shrink.

It's a confounding situation for a country that places itself on the forefront of desalination technology in an arid region, where water is a key geostrategic issue that has its own clauses in peace agreements, AP said.

The AP report quoted Yuval Steinitz, Israel's minister of energy who said that Nobody expected five years of drought in a row, so despite our desalination capacity, it's still a very, very grave situation.'

Some say Israel's technical prowess may not be enough to overcome the forces of nature, it noted.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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