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Arab League ministers support political solution for Syria

Doha, Foreign Ministers of Arab League countries emphasized that the Syrian crisis should only be resolved through political solutions.

The preparatory and ministerial meetings of the 29th Arab League summit on Thursday in its final statement said that the only way for resolving the Syrian crisis is a political solution based on the particiapation of all warring sides and what was agreed on in the first Syrian talks in Geneva.

The statement also supported the integrity and sovereignty of Syria on the basis of the League's principles.

Condemning attacks on Eastern Ghouta and Turkey's strike on Afrin, it said that such conducts will challenge the efforts for politically resolving the crisis.

The ministers of Arab League countries in another part of their final statement expressed their opposition to the decision by the US President Donald Trump on moving the country's capital from Tel Aviv to Quds, saying that is is at odds with all international laws and the United Nations Security Council resolutions.

They also expressed support for a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Quds as its capital.

The Arab League summit will convene in Dammam, Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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