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‘Arab NATO’ coined to be manipulated: Iran

Tehran, The issue of an Arab NATO is not a new one as it has already been raised by some think tanks and institutions, but now it is being cried out louder, said Iran's foreign ministry spokesman on Monday.

'Using such a term is wrong since there are no similarities between the NATO countries and the Arab world,' said Bahram Qasemi during his weekly press conference.

What is seen in the relations between the Arab countries is distance and lack of coherence so the idea of an Arab NATO looks implausible, Qasemi added.

The idea has been proposed by US President Donald Trump again for special exploitations, he said.

Referring to the claim made by a US Republican senator about Iran's disintegration like what happened to the Soviet Union, Qasemi said, 'It is a dream that will never come true.'

Iran has proved in the past four years that the country will resist any foreign pressure, he emphasized.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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