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Aras offers suitable opportunities for Iraqi investors

Tabriz, Erbil's investors are interested to invest in Iran and the exemptions granted in Aras are aiming to attract them to the region, said Iran's consul general in Erbil.

Nasrollah Reshnoun made the remarks in a meeting with the member of Aras Free Zone Organization's board of directors on Thursday.

Referring to the export of antitheft and fireresistant doors from Aras to Erbil, he said that Iraqis had no interest in using antitheft doors, but they developed interest in them after emergence of Daesh and looting of their properties.

Stressing that Iraq is thirsty for 'knowledge of day', Reshnoon said, If we were not serious in passing on science to Iraq, other countries will fill our places easily.

He also called on tradesmen and investors to coordinate their export and economic activities with consulate in Erbil to ensure safety of their capitals.

Iran's consul general said that Iraqis are traveling to other countries for treatment, noting that efforts should be taken to attract health tourists.

Member of Aras Free Zone Organization's board of directors, Gholamhossein Karimi, for his part, said that sixmillion market of Kurdistan Regional Government is a special capacity for the Aras' investors.

Describing Aras as one of the seven Iranian free zones, he pointed out that Aras boasts of special capabilities in the economic and industrial terms and 20year exemption in a special capacity for attracting investors to the region.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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