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Ardebil wetlands ready to welcome migratory birds

Head of environment protection department of Ardebil province said that international wetlands of this province are revived and ready to host migratory birds

Nowadays in Autumn season, when the weather is cold in the northern regions, international wetlands in Ardebil province, in the northwest of the country, are playing home to migrating birds that started from Siberia and other northern regions for the southern areas and are now seeking a safe place to find food and rest for some time in this region.

The sounds of migratory birds in this wetland are heard from afar, and the colonies of a few hundred pieces of ducks, Eurasian teal, and Coots, where old and young birds are present, are spectacular.

Some of the birds have chosen reeds and groves of the lagoon, and some others have chosen shallow waters, to relax and wait for the right time to continue their migration to the southern and warmer regions.

Head of environment protection department of Ardebil province Saeid Shahand said on Saturday that there are more than 52, 000 hectares of wetlands in the province, which hosts migratory birds every year.

The provincial Environmental Protection officials say they are taking necessary measures like putting a ban on hunting in the mangroves, protecting areas in the migration season, the formation of patrol groups and security, especially in the north of the province to ensure the safety of the migratory birds.

The wetlands of Mil-o-Moghan Lake and Parsabad Agriculture and Industry, Gilarloo Dam, Sabalan Dam, Mullah Ahmad Dam, Shurabil, Yamchi Dam and Patehkhor are among the places that host a large population of migratory birds in autumn and winter every year.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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