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Armed forces, IRGC, gov’t joined hands for successful fight against regional terrorism/ We can’t be indifferent to our neighbours, region’s security interwoven/ Mutual interest our basic principle for ties/ We proved we favour negotiating, have no fear of battlefield

President stressed that there is no way other than resistance, adding, "Eight times in 2017 and five world leaders in 2018 delivered Trump's message for a meeting and we proved that we favour negotiating and have no fear of the battlefield".

Speaking on Thursday at the session of the Administrative Council of Gilan Province, President Hassan Rouhani said, "Despite all problems and sanctions, the biggest refineries and railway projects started operating and soon the biggest gas project will be opened in Assaluyeh".

Mentioning the hardships that the people of Iran went through in 2018, he said, "Despite all these, we thank God for the international achievements".

"Despite the unilateral sanctions of the United States against the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is the first time after the revolution that their sanctions have only a few proponents in the world, and the overwhelming majority of the countries are against them," said Rouhani.

He added, "Currently, a few reactionary countries and the Zionist Regime support the US' sanctions, but their allies in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Latin America and even the northern America and inside the United States, people believe that these sanctions were not right".

Referring to the results of a poll in the US based on which 60 per cent of Americans believe that Trump was not right for imposing sanctions on Iran, he said, "This is a political victory".

"In the United Nations, we saw that the majority of the countries around the world denounced or condemned the unilateral sanctions, and only a few countries supported it," he said.

The President also referred to Iran's achievements in the region, adding, "For the first time in the history of the region and the world, the effective and even main decisions for the security of the region, especially in Syria, is being made by three countries, one of which is the Islamic Republic of Iran".

"Currently, many countries request joining these tripartite summits," he said referring to the tripartite summits of Iran, Russia and Turkey for resolving the Syrian case.

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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