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Armenians in Shiraz celebrate Christmas at home to observe health protocols

– Armenian community of Iran living across the country will celebrate Christmas Eve at home to observe health protocol in the face of spread of the dangerous coronavirus pandemic.

Armenian people in Shiraz, southern Iran hold special ceremonies to celebrate Christmas each year.

Few days left to Christmas, the Armenian community, have pledged to celebrate the New Christian Year at home.

The New Year ceremonies used to be held at a small church in Shiraz, but the Armenian religious authorities have cancelled the ceremonies this year.

Hermond Aratounian, an official with the Armenian church of Shiraz, said that there will be no gathering this year and the annual meeting with the Armenians of other parts of the country has also been cancelled.

As the coronavirus disease continues in Iran and elsewhere across the world, the Iranian officials are still preventing the people from gatherings to contain the spread of the virus.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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