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Army, IRGC to keep cooperation till collapse of hegemonic powers

Tehran, � Annihilation of the Zionist regime (Israel) will surely happen in 25 years at the most, Commander of Iran's Army Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi announced here on Saturday.

The Iranian Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) keep cooperating till the hegemonic system in the world collapses and the Zionist regime is destroyed, the commander said at a ceremony held in the Iranian capital in commemoration of defenders of holy shrines.

IRGC, based on its duties, should fight against different kinds of threats in economic, cultural and political means against the country, Mousavi stressed.

The IRGC is duty-bound to safeguard the 1979 Islamic Revolution in all eras, the commander said.

The founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini established the IRGC in 1979.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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