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Arrival of the first shipment of Chabahar port equipment within two weeks

Regarding the purchase and arrival of the first shipment of equipment for Chabahar port, Behrouz Aghaei stated that the new equipment for Shahid Beheshti port in Chabahar worths 8 million Euros. the supply of equipment is in the form of an investment of an Indian company in Chabahar.

He added: Since the Indian operator will use this equipment for unloading and loading of goods in Chabahar port, the new equipment cannot be transferred to other ports, and the existing equipment in Shahid Beheshti port of Chabahar will still be in operation due to the increase in port activities. The equipment to be imported by the Indians will be used in phase one of the port and the existing equipment will be transferred to the second phase of this port.

Source: Ports & Maritime Organization

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