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Art of theater shows Iran peace loving nature to world

Sanandaj, A senior cultural official underlined that through the art of theater one can show the peace-loving aspect of Iranians and importance they attach to culture.

'We can present the rich Islamic-Iranian art theater to the world to, and introduce the people of the world to this pure culture,' Deputy Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Seyyed Hadi Hosseini said on Wednesday, addressing the closing ceremony of the thirteenth Marivan Theater Festival.

The official went on to say that festivals such as the Marivan Street Theater and presence of Iranian theater groups at the international and foreign festivals will help promote such culture.

'It is the art of the people of Marivan, where great personalities of theater have been attracted, that Marivan Street Theater Festival brought the theater to life in the country,' Hosseini said.

The thirteenth Marivan International Theater Festival, with the aim of developing and promoting theater and developing the constructive relationship of theater with the public, was held by the Directorate General of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Kurdistan and the Directorate General of Performing Arts in association with the Iranian Dramatic Society and the Kurdish Drama Association Marivan on September 1-4. The festival's closing ceremony was held on Wednesday.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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