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Artists have duty of strengthening Iran-Afghanistan cultural ties

– Cultural Director of the General Directorate of Foreign Citizens and Immigrants Vahideh Malek Mohammadi said on Wednesday that strengthening the cultural relations between Iran and Afghanistan is the responsibility of artists.

Referring to the idea of the exhibition entitled “Housemate” in Iran, Malek Mohammadi said that in addition to displaying the visual works of Afghan artists residing in Iran, the exhibition seeks to identify Afghan artists who have grown up in the Islamic Republic of Iran and introduce them to the Iranians and Afghan nationals residing in Iran.

She added that the presence of these artists can be a good role model for people, particularly the younger generation, and it is worth noting that the Housemate exhibition was formed with the idea of showcasing the commonalities between Iran and Afghanistan in the field of culture and art.

Pointing to the importance of art language in the political ties between Iran and Afghanistan, she highlighted that the geographical boundary between countries does not make sense in the art field.

Today, Iran and Afghanistan are separated by geographical and political boundaries, but common religion, language, culture, and civilization between Iran and Afghanistan have strengthened the bond between the two states, she noted.

She further noted that there is a heavy responsibility on artists in relations between countries, as it is artists who, under a common and profound language, can represent love, brotherhood, equality, unity, peace, and friendship.

Referring to the suspension of the “Housemate” exhibition, Malek Mohammadi stated that the most significant and newest problem that they faced in the cultural section of the General Directorate of Nationals Affairs of Tehran is the postponement of the opening of the “Housemate” exhibition due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

Over 70 paintings, calligraphy works, illuminations, sculptures, and photos have been selected to be showcased at the exhibition entitled “Housemate”.

The artists include Mohammad-Hossein Ahmadi, Mohammad Arzgani, Zahra Esmaeili, Batoul Akbari, Fatemeh Akbari, Mohammad-Musa Akbari, Gol-Ahmad Anvari Balkhi, Sorayya Jafari, Batoul Rahimi, Ali Rahimi, Zara Rasouli, Hamideh Sohrabi, Shakila Alemi, Alikhan Abdollahi, Bahramshah Mahmoudi, Mohammad-Mehdi Mirzai and Fatemeh Mirzai.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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