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Asian governments must move toward implementation of monetary accords: Speaker

Tehran, Iranian Parliament Speaker pointing to the high capacity of Asian InterParliamentary Union said that Asian governments must move toward implementation of monetary accords and bank cooperation.

After returning from his trip to Istanbul, Turkey, which took place for attending the 11th General Assembly of Asian InterParliamentary Union, Ali Larijani outlined achievements of his trip, saying, 'The trip, which lasted only 24 hours, featured attendance in the Asian Assembly of Asian InterParliamentary Union, which comprises some Asian nations, including important countries such as Russia, China, Pakistan and India.'

The Iranian Speaker affirmed that there were meetings under the title of different political, economical and social committees and there had been good reviews in those areas.

He went on to say that there were good proposals in the area that governments should go to implement them, with monetary accords and banking cooperation one of the most important issues. He pointed that the Asian InterParliamentary Union focuses on economic cooperation.

'After the US sanctions on different countries, many countries think that they have to find other ways, so there is a serious debate on monetary accords among the Asian countries to reach new mechanism,' Larijani continued.

Considering that large portion of the world energy is in the Asian region, cooperation in this area is of great importance, said Larijani, adding that lengthy debates were held in the meetings on the use of technology by the countries and their environmental cooperation to use Asian countries' capacity, he said.

The 11th General Assembly of the InterParliamentary was held in Istanbul for three days with the participation of 23 Asian countries.

The most important goal of the Asian assemblies is formation of the Asian Parliament, for which 10 General Assembly meetings were held in order to cause synergic cooperation among the Asian nations for the purpose.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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