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Assad Forces Retake Daraa, Close In on Golan Demarcation Line

Syrian government forces continue to regain ground in the south of the country, moving closer to the demarcation line with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Meanwhile, Israel continues to urge Russia to prevent Iranian and pro-Iranian militia forces from getting too close to that line, following a visit to Moscow Wednesday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Syrian state TV showed video of an army officer entering a cave filled with ammunition, which he claimed was supplied to "rebel" forces by Western nations. The TV also showed two British-built armored personnel carriers it said were supplied to the "rebels" by Britain. VOA could not independently confirm the claims.

Meanwhile, Syrian government forces continued their push toward the 1974 demarcation line on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, battling Islamic State militants from the so-called "Khalid Ibn al Walid Army." The militants reportedly launched a suicide-attack several days ago against government forces in the area.

Syrian TV showed government forces entering the town of Tafas, east of Daraa, and residents who appeared to welcome them. A man from the Syrian Red Crescent organization told the TV reporter aid was being brought to the town.

He said aid will be distributed to residents when they present their identity cards.

A elderly Druze religious leader, Sheikh Taliah Abou Awad, told journalists he was eagerly awaiting the arrival of government forces near the Golan Heights demarcation line. He said he is extremely pleased by the turn of events and would like to see the Syrian Army recapture the area along the Golan Heights.

Source: Voice of America

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