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Astrakhan seeks Iran partnership in carrying out infrastructure projects

– The governor of Astrakhan Region, Russia, in a meeting with new Iranian Consul-General Mehdi Akouchakian sought Iranian partnership in carrying out infrastructural projects and economic activities in the region.

Inviting Iran to participate in carrying out infrastructure projects in the region, Igor Babushkin said that 80% of goods passing through Astrakhan are in direction of Iran transit route.

Babushkin added that the most important field of cooperation between Iran and Astrakhan is development of North-South Corridor.

He also suggested that Iran can use the capabilities of the new shipping line in the Caspian Sea for cargo shipment, adding that Astrakhan can make ships for Iran and participate in meat export to Iran.

He also said that educational and cultural cooperation is another field that can be expanded.

He said that 170 Iranian companies are active in Astrakhan, adding that the trade between Iran and Astrakhan region amounted to about two million tons of various goods in the past nine months of 2020.

Akouchakian said in the meeting that many of the recommended field are supported by Iran and that Iranian traders are interested to participate in agriculture in Astrakhan.

He also expressed interest in providing Astrakhan banks with opportunity to open branches in Anzali Free Zone, northern Iran and launching direct flights between Iran and the Russian region.

He added that the humanitarian cooperation between Iran and Astrakhan is at the highest level.

Currently, two freighters with the capacity of 131 twenty-foot containers are commuting between Iran and Astrakhan.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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