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Ayatollah Sistani welcomes expansion of relations with neighbors

Najaf, Iraq's Grand Cleric Ayatollah Ali Sistani on Wednesday welcomed expansion of relations with Iraq's neighboring states.

He said in a meeting with the visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Iraq.

The meeting was held before noon between Ayatollah Sistani and Iranian delegation led by President Rouhani.

In the meeting, Ayatollah Sistani welcomed any steps leading to bolstering of relations between Iraq and its neighbors in line with both sides interests and respecting mutual sovereignty and noninterference in each others' internal affairs.

He, meantime, recalled the breathtaking war between the Iraqi nation and Daesh (the ISIS) terrorists as well as dedication and devotion of the Iraqi people in the fight against the terrorist group was a turningpoint in pulling these terrorists out of the region.

Ayatollah Sistani also thanked Iraq's friends who spared no efforts to materialize the lofty goal.

He also expressed the hope that the Iraqi government to be able to overcome existing problems and attain significant developments in all fields.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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