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Azeri expert: US sanctions disrupting world’s economic stability

The head of the Writers' Union 'PEN' of the Republic of Azerbaijan, said on Wednesday that the anti-Irani policies of the US disrupts the economic stability of the world, while creating a great dissatisfaction.

'Iran's oil, due to its good quality, has a special position and weight in the global energy market,' said Qorban Jebrael, in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

He said, 'Many countries are not willing to lose this proper source of energy'. Thus, we are witnessing an increase in countries' dissatisfaction with the compulsory measures taken by the US government.'

Azari expert said that Iran's embargo will undermine international free economic relations, as well as the normal conditions of the energy market, and cause instability in international economic relations.

Jebrael, referring to the fact that the new US sanctions against Iran are imposed by provocation of the Zionist regime, and that the only sponsor of the US president is Netanyahu, added that European countries, which are the main allies of the United States, oppose to Iran sanctions.

He added that many prominent personalities in the United States have recognized the unfavorable consequences of the false policy that undermines their country's international position.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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