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Baeidinejad: US expected to drop bullying policies

Iran's Ambassador in London Hamid Baeidinejad slammed US bullying and adventurist policies, saying that it should be a normal country.

He wrote in a tweet on Wednesday that the US should abandon intervention, dominance, military action and imposing sanctions against other countries simply for the reason it does not agree with their policies.

The ambassador also urged the US not to encourage others to be aggressive in a bid to sell deadly arms and be a normal country like others, he said.

Earlier, Baeidinejad said that international energy institutes previously estimated Iran oil exports to stand at below one million barrels a day but after eight countries received waivers, they predicted the figure will hit 1.8 million barrels a day.

In May 2018, the US President Donald Trump announced Washington's decision to withdraw from Iran deal, arguing that it leaves Iran a possibility to create a nuclear bomb bypassing all the restrictions.

He warned the United States would reinstate its old anti-Iran sanctions and would impose new ones. The first round of sanctions, covering Iran's automotive sector and trade in gold and metals, was re-imposed in early August. Further sanctions went into effect as of November 5 in a bid to reduce Iran's oil revenues to zero.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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