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Baghdad and the confrontation between Tehran, Washington

Tehran, Iraq is one of the regional actors that will be heavily affected by the escalation of tension between Iran and the United States.

Arab media analysts say this fact has made Iraq play a mediating role in the growing disagreements between the two sides.

Following US aggressive policies against Iran and fear of military deployment in the region, Iraq has expressed its desire to send delegations to Tehran and Washington for mediation purposes.

Although the United States has military bases after the 2003 military invasion of Iraq, Iran, on the other hand, is also a vital patner to the Western neighbor.

Officials in Iran and the United States have not approved the issue of mediation y Baghdad, but many analysts have argued that Iraq can play an effective role in reducing tension between the United States and Iran.

***Iraqi effort to reduce IranUS differences

Iraq's Ketabat website wrote in a report that regional and transregional politicians and activists always talk about the need to create a political solution to end the tension between the United States and Iran. Iraq's initiative and political mobilization in this ground indicate that the government is working to send delegations to Tehran and Washington to end the tensions. Such an initiative will show the cooperation, coordination and constant consultation between the two countries of Iraq and Iran on the issues and developments in the region to achieve a common position on regional and transregional issues. "

"Also, the Iraqi initiative to resolve the tension between Tehran and Washington embraces this important message that Iran and Iraq have strong strategic ties that nothing can affect it. This has led Iraq to play a role in tension between the United States and Iran. Many indicators indicate that Iraq is pursuing a new policy in its dealings with the US and Iran case. "

According to the Qatar AlJazeera news network, the UN SecretaryGeneral's Special Representative for the Iraqi affairs, Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert, has said Baghdad can take step for restoration of peace and stability to the region instead of being a source of tension. Iraq can pave the way for dialogue by providing peace in the region.

According to the Arabic version of the Sputnik news website of Russia, Raed alFahmi, a member of Iraq's House of Representatives, stated that his country wants to use its good relations and the interests that these relations have for Iran and Iraq to calm down the situation and bring things toward peace and dialogue and stability in the region.

***What capacity does Baghdad have for reducing tension?

According to the Ketabat website, Iraq has strategic backings, which has provided grounds for dynamic and diplomatic engagement to address regional tensions. Issues like Iraq's closeness to Iran, the pursuit of a flexible Iraqi policy in international and regional relations, and the country's efforts to restore stability and peace in the region, the existence of the principle of mutual respect and impartiality in Iraq's foreign policy are of Iraq's strategic backbone is on this regard.

According to the Iraqi media, Hassan Fadam alJenabi, a member of the Hikmat movement in the Iraqi parliament, says Iraq can play mediating role between Iran and the United States in the current situation. The geopolitical position of Iraq and the Iraqi relations with many countries have made Iraq play an effective role in this regard.

Another member of the Iraqi Parliament Jassim Mohan alBakhati has also told the Ketabat website that Iraq can bring the two sides closer together by providing negotiating conditions. It has the ability to do so.

According to AlSharq alAwsat newspaper of Saudi Arabia, a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Parliament of Iraq, Na'eem alAbudi says Baghdad can play a central role in reducing this tension due to having a special political position and having political relations with other countries.

AlJazeera Research Center website Qatar wrote, "In light of this cooperation between Iran and Iraq at all levels of political, economic and security, it is very difficult for Baghdad to keep itself away from the tensions of the United States and Iran. Unilateral sanctions of the United States put Iraq's political and economic stance in difficult times, so the country was trying to achieve a US exemption of sanctions. Iran has a direct relationship with many of the most powerful political currents in Iraq. The United States also has an influence in Iraq because of its military presence in Iraq. Iraqis also have this approach. The tension between the United States and Iran is not in the interest of Iraq. Therefore, the Iraqi government is trying to play a mediatory role between Iran and the United States, on the one hand, and Iran and Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, to end the tensions because, if tension continues, Iraq will be one of the fields of this tension. "

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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