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Baghdad Deploys Forces only 4 Kilometers Away From Central Mosul

Mosul Liberation Operation has entered a new phase as Iraq's anti-terrorism units are inching closer to the Central part of the city, Arab media outlets reported on Wednesday.

"Iraqi forces, backed up by vast aerial coverage, started fresh attack on ISIL's positions North of Mosul. The offensive started in the Eastern part of Mosul at first, and the country's force are advanced towards different regions in four fronts," al-Arabiyeh news network reported.

"The anti-terrorism units attacked the strategic village of Adan East of Mosul in four directions," the network said.

"Iraqi forces are now deployed 4 km away from the fourth bridge of Mosul that is a major link between the Eastern and Western banks of the Tigris River," the network added.

Commander of Iraq's anti-terrorism units Abdul Wahab al-Sa'edi said Iraqi forces have reached Mosul's municipality building and also won back the village of al-Bakr as one of the main bases of ISIL.

"Tens of terrorists were killed and their bomb-laden vehicles and heavy weapons were destroyed in air raids on their positions in al-Hay village," the commander added.

In the Southern flank, the Iraqi forces need to capture Albu Seif village before they reach the Mosul airport.

The ISIL terrorists retreated to the villages of Albu Seif and al-Qazlani after their defeats in the Southern flank of Mosul.

The government troops are ready to storm Albu Seif after completing siege of region, while they are backed up by missile and artillery units.

In the Northern flank, only several villages at Mosul's entrance are under ISIL's control. The village of al-Arabi is the hardest one to capture from a military standpoint.

Iraqi Interior Ministry Spokesman Sa'ad Ma'an announced earlier today that Iraq's joint military forces have seized back one-third of the ISIL-held territories on the Eastern side of Mosul.

"Over 30 percent of the lands to the East of Mosul are now under the control of the Iraqi forces," Ma'an said.

He also said that Iraq's joint military forces have made considerable advances in the Eastern part of Mosul city as clashes are underway in different parts of the city.

Source: Al Alam.

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