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Bagheri: Americans confess to their weakness in dealing with Iran

Zahedan, July 31, Chief of staff of the Armed Forces, Major general Mohammad Bagheri said on Monday that the Americans for many times have confessed that they face military might to confront the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Speaking for top military officials in Zahedan, he said the US military officials have declared that if one day they enter a war with Iran, they will suffer a heavy military defeat.

Arrogant powers mainly the United States of America never miss a chance to deal a blow to the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said.

Following confession of the US, we are now witnessing that the claims by inexperienced crown prince of a neighboring country that they should take the insecurity to the Iranian soil, he said.

Arrogant powers and their supporters mainly the Zionist regime have trained some groups in the region to threaten Iran's authority and security through fire cracking, he said.

The enemies do whatever they can to bring the Islamic revolution to its knees, but to no avail, he said.

Brave Iranian nation shoulder to shoulder with their armed forces, heads of tribes are to defend the country, he said.

Any country in the world mind to stand against global arrogance and Zionist occupiers will win Iran's support.

We never forget crimes and atrocities by Zionist regime and global arrogance, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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