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Baku to increase volume of exports through Iran to Persian Gulf

Dubai, Azerbaijani business representative in Dubai El-Nur Aliyev said that the Commercial House of Republic of Azerbaijan will be launched in Dubai in the near future.

He added that with the establishment of the commercial entity, the volume of export products to the UAE will increase.

Pointing out that the export of Azerbaijan's products to the UAE would increase the country's non-oil revenues, Aliyev said, 'We also planned to hold various exhibitions at the Commercial House in Dubai to introduce more products from the Republic of Azerbaijan.'

Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic of Iran has just canceled the $600 surplus from each Azerbaijani truck which transports agricultural products through Iran to Qatar.

Deputy head of the Ministry of Roads, Communication and Advanced Technology of Azerbaijan Ebrahim Aliyev, said that transportation and export of agricultural products from the Republic of Azerbaijan to Qatar are carried out through Iran.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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