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Bangladeshi official: Tabriz-2018 to boost ties among Muslim states

Tabriz, A senior Bangladeshi official involved in tourism industry said Tabriz-2018 can strengthen the cultural and social ties among Muslim countries.

Bangladesh is interested in enhancing cooperation with Iran as well as its cities in tourism field, Tourism Board CEO Nasir Uddin told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

The Bangladeshi official who is visiting Iran as a participant of opening ceremony of Tabriz-2018, also said coordination for a visit by Bangeladesh Miniser of Tourism to Iran in coming months was underway.

Tabriz is the capital of the northwestern Iranian Province of Eastern Azerbaijan. The city has been chosen as the tourism capital of the Muslim world by the Organization of Islamic Conference for 2018.

The official opening ceremony of Tabriz-2018, attended by Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, a number of ministers and local officials, as well as some 60 political and tourism representatives from various countries, was held on Wednesday.

Uddin lauded the idea of choosing a city as as the symbolic tourism capital of Muslim world as an effective way of developing full relations among countries and expressed hope that the event would lay the groundwork for introducing Tabriz and other Iranian cities to Bangladeshi people.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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