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Berlin trying to stay in JCPOA: German official

Tehran, German government has repeatedly regretted the departure of the US from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and with regard to Iran's commitment to the JCPOA, everyone will do their best to stay in the deal.

The German Foreign Office's Director for the relations with the Middle East and North Africa Philipp Ackermann, in his meeting with head of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian Parliament Heshmatullah Falahtpisheh, said the two countries have good relations with each other, referring to the longstanding relations between Germany and Iran, which could further expand the bilateral relationship.

'The German government has repeatedly regretted the US move, and despite the strategic unification of the United States and Europe, Germany is opposed to the United States in its entirety with America, and given Iran's adherence to the JCPOA, everyone will do his best to stay in the deal,' the German official stressed.

He added, 'Given the US dismay of the launch of the INSTEX, European governments will use their best endeavors to implement this tool.' The FATF issue, which was approved by Iranian Parliament, is very important for the German government, and we hope that it will soon be ratified and enforced so that private companies can begin their activities under this law.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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