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Bochum, Shiraz Universities cooperating on Iranian Plateau

Shiraz, The scientific meeting of the University of Shiraz and the University of Bochum, entitled "Cultural and Religious Interaction on the Iranian Plateau" began for the first time at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities of the University of Shiraz on Saturday and will continue in the next two days.

The secretary of the conference and scientific meeting Hussein Najjari on Saturday said of the partnership between the University of Bochum of Germany and the University of Shiraz, The proposal to hold this joint meeting was raised by one of the Iranian professors of the University of Bochum, and further based on the strategy of the Shiraz University, the proposal was welcomed in the context of expanding international activities.

The official further emphasized the signing of Memorandum of Understanding, including joint scientific meetings, exchange of professors and students, joint projects and joint articles writing.

He stated that the University of Bochum is among the world's top 250 universities, adding that the university has a favorable status for research funding and is one of the top universities in Germany.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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