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Bodies of 2 Iranian students died in Georgia to be back on Thursday

Tehran, Bodies of two Iranian student football players who died in Georgia will be transferred to Tehran on Thursday (August 9), Iran's ambassador to Georgia said Wednesday.

Expressing condolences over the death of the two Iranian students who were in a sport camp in Georgia, and sympathizing with their families, Javad Qavam-Shahidi told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that Iran's embassy in Tbilisi has been following all the process after being informed of the incident.

He said that 12 Iranian teenager students from Arman-e Kavir football school, Yazd Province, were on a camp to Georgia when the tragic incident occurred.

No detail on the incident, including the names of students or the cause of their death, has been released yet.

All the measures for transferring their bodies have been taken by the embassy, said the Iranian diplomat.

Qavam-Shahidi also noted that the final report on the cause of their death as well as the report of police on the case will be presented by Iran's coroner center.

A third student who had been injured in the incident, was discharged from hospital after medication, Qavam-Shahidi said confirming that the number of those killed was two.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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