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Boeing $20b loss hard to make up for: Iran MP

Tehran, Boeing cancelled its agreement with Iran and lost $20b, which is hard to compensate, said an Iranian parliamentarian on Sunday.

'Iran tried to let Boeing in, but the US administration ordered it to withdraw from the deal with Iran,' said Mohammad-Reza Rezaee-Koochi.

Iran had ordered 80 planes, so it was a good market for the plane manufacturer, said Rezaee.

He also added that Iran didn't lose anything since it had not paid anything to the US plane maker.

'We need to rejuvenate our fleet, so we should work with companies that work independently of the US,' Rezaee said.

He added that the deal's cancelation was done because of Saudi Arabia's attempts and US President Donald Trump's ignorance.

Iran had ordered 100 planes to Airbus and 80 to Boeing; the latter lost the remunerative market of Iran due to political issues.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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