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Bolton not to stay: US former diplomat

New York Appointing John Bolton and Mike Pompeo is US president's media game with internal affairs goals, so Bolton who is not close to President Donald Trump will have clashes with him, said the previous head of former US Secretary of State Collin Powel.

In terms of Iran policy, perhaps not on the surface, but certainly great [exist] differences beneath that surface: H.R. McMaster is not a fan of Iran, but he certainly was not an advocate of going to war with Iran; john Bolton on the other hand has been for years ... and still is an advocate of going to war with Iran.. North Korea, China, Syria Russia,' Colonel Larry Wilkerson told the Islamic Republic News Agency in New york on Monday.

Saying that Bolton will not stand anyone who presents the least challenge to American hegemony, Wilkerson said, 'What Trump is doing now is seeking a group of people around him who will not give him any trouble.'

Trump is also after deviating public opinion from scandals at the White House that may drive him to impeachment, Wilkerson added.

Saying that 'Trump has not necessarily been the sort of person that likes wars,' he added Trump has given instructions to wrap it up with Daesh in Syrian and get out; he has give similar instructions for other operations that the US is responsible for right now.

Wilkerson said that Trump, with his 'America first' slogan, is trying to get America out of some of these wars; Bolton and Pompeo 'will find themselves opposed violently by the president when it come to more wars'. Trump will not follow Bolton, Pompeo or the US envoy at the UN Nikki Hailey.

Wilkerson, who had helped the plan of US attack on Iraq, said that he was not surprised to hear that the US president intends to draw US forces out of Syria, saying Trump had already in his campaigns said that the US doesn't need to be in these wars.

He also said that most of the soldiers, marines and others come from families in the poorest regions of America, they come from families that are broken, are less than prosperous, have no other real opportunities. These families don't want to see their members wounded or killed, so they voted for Trump; they didn't want the warmongering of George W. Bush, Barrack Obama, and Hilary Clinton. 'They were casting a vote against war.'

Regarding the contradictions in the White House, he said I don't see President Trump having a close relationship with John Bolton regardless of what he might be saying for the TV cameras. I think his personality and John Bolton's personality are going to clash I don't see him giving a lot of power to John Bolton.'

He also said that John Bolton's clashes with Trump and the United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis at the White House will begin 'within a month or two'.

Regarding the possibility of a war with Iran, he said foreign policy is not important to Trump; on May 12, if he does what he said was going to do, that is reinstating the sanctions, 'then the US will be the 'material breach of the nuclear agreement without cause' and that would be Trump's, not the Europeans' responsibility, Iranians' or any other signatory's of the deal, for having violated the US commitments, which will make the EU and Iran to consider countermeasures that will further erode the US dollar that is used to sanction nations. That is 'being stupid to the maximum.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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