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Bolton Trump’s ‘tough cookie’

Tehran, US President Donald Trump's choice of John Bolton as his national security advisor, raised many eyebrows across the political spectrum both inside and outside the United States.

Bolton, the Fox News analyst and former US ambassador to the United Nations was once described by Trump as a tough cookie.

He is regarded by many as 'hawks of hawks' because the general idea is that his presence will cast a spell of militarism over Trump administration's foreign policy to make one of the most hawkish national security teams the White House has seen in recent history.

Having served in the US government in various capacities since the 1970s, Bolton rose to prominence in the George W. Bush administration's first term as the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs.

His ultra hard-line approaches even under President Bush, whose administration led the devastating wars in the Middle East, made then-secretary of state Condoleezza Rice in a way to push Bolton to the margin by appointing him to the United Nations though even his nomination as the US ambassador to the global body was criticized by some as ill-suited.

Carl W. Ford Jr., who was assistant secretary for intelligence and research, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said Bolton was a 'kiss-up, kick-down sort of guy' who 'abuses his authority with little people,' and an ill-suited nominee to become ambassador to the United Nations.

Bolton is regarded by many as being behind the US wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. This may have its roots in the fact that he is too much convinced about the US military strength.

Greg Thielmann, a State Department veteran and Bolton critic, wrote on the foreign policy blog LobeLog that Bolton was a key player in the early machinations toward war.

He had a penchant for quickly dismissing inconvenient facts and rejecting any analysis that did not serve his policy preferences, said Thielmann, who served in the State Department when Bolton was an undersecretary there from 2001 to 2005.

Shaul Mofaz Zionist regime's former defense minister and chief of staff, addressing a conference organized by the Yedioth Ahronoth daily in Jerusalem, said that President Trump's new national security advisor once pushed him to order airstrikes against Iran.

I know John Bolton from when he was the US ambassador to the UN. He tried to convince me that Israel needs to attack Iran, Mofaz said.

And more than a decade on, Bolton still is maintaining the same war-oriented mindset. In a September 3, 2017 interview with the Fox News, he declared that the only option left to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue is 'to end the regime in North Korea and strike first.'

The worst mistake

In reaction to Bolton's appointment to the current post, former US President Jimmy Carter said that it was 'the worst mistake' Trump had made.

'He [Bolton] is advocated going to war preemptively against North Korea, against Iraq, against-- against Iran even. And so I think that that is particularly ill-advised because the national security adviser, I know from experience, is the most listened-to advice that a president gets... but I still think that our country can overcome him,' Carter said.

As mentioned earlier, Bolton's hawkish approach to foreign policy made the Bush administration to dump the man in the UN post; the US foreign policy was already mired in wars abroad and the Americans were tired of sending their children to foreign lands to fight. So even in the Bush administration there was a resistance toward the hawks of the hawks.

But now Bolton is back on the scene again as Trump's dangerous new aide.

'John Bolton represents a dangerous new element in the Trump national security apparatus,' said Jake Sullivan, on The Global Politico, the weekly podcast on world affairs.

The million-dollar question is that what the real danger of Trump's pick for the post is.

Some speculations suggest that Bolton tends not to have faith in the idea of an international community.

'Few people have less faith in the idea of an international community than Bolton. He sees diplomacy in terms of transactional deals and hard power, characteristics that presumably endeared him to President Trump,' the European Council on Foreign relations said on its website.

'Brutal transactional talks is the only language the new National Security Advisor understands,' it said.

'He hates the European Union,' it added.

At a time when the US system of government is trying more than ever to promote the notion of a Unipolar World where the United States is the single main player on the global arena, the new national security advisor is expected to aid greatly the US system of government.

Bolton's horrific, hawkish views on the need to strike other so-called rogue countries, his tendency towards worst-case thinking, his disdainful treatment of the US allies and multilateral institutions along with a blind faith in US military power and the benefits of regime change and his tendency to see the ends as justifying the means are expected to serve the US foreign policy and especially the famous slogan in American politics that was popularized by Trump in his 2016 presidential campaign: 'Let's Make America Great Again'.

'He is the person who is the most extreme in his devotion to the idea of basically making war on anybody who is regarded in some fashion as an adversary of the United States,' Gareth Porter, who is a historian and investigative journalist specializing in the US foreign and military policy, told the Real News Network.

But isn't it that the US system of government is again making a mistake that the world is fed up with 'extremes' and 'extremism' and that it is an increasingly Multipolar World?

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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