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Border Guards of Iran to increase naval intelligence at sea

Tehran, The commander of Border Guard Force of Iranian Police pointed to the naval missions of the force, saying that in the new Iranian year the intelligence domination at sea should be increased, and its main task is to safeguard the sea.

Brigadier General Qasem Reza'i made the remarks at a meeting of Border Guards Headquarters' staff on Monday.

He emphasized that Iran is constantly facing transregional and overseas threats.

'Border guarding as the main pillar of the country's defense plays a key role in the fight against peripheral threats that with strengthening the military, defense, security and social approach we must be at the highest level of implementation of the border missions.

Referring to the extensive missions of the police, he stated, Last year was a successful year for the Police Force in securing borders, towns and villages in border, which highlights the special attention of the law enforcement personnel in increasing success of the organization.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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