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Breaking sanctions, 1400 budget bill, COVID-19 vaccine the three axes of meeting/ In its last months in office, gov’t to seriously pursue people’s health, livelihood, breaking sanctions with other branches’ cooperation

The President called making sanctions ineffective and breaking them, the 1400 budget bill and the COVID-19 vaccine the three axes of the meeting between the heads of the three branches, and stressed that we agreed on all three issues and our views on methods were close to each other.

Dr Hassan Rouhani emphasised on Monday at the end of the meeting of the heads of the three branches hosted by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, "In these last days of 2020, I would like to tell the dear people of Iran that our nation has gotten two A's in the year that ends. Of course, the government has not been able to get an A, but our nation has scored A both in resisting the economic war and the inhuman sanctions of the United States and against coronavirus".

Referring to neutralising sanctions as one of the topics of the meeting, Dr Rouhani said, "As the Supreme Leader said, our first task should be to neutralise the inhuman sanctions, regarding with we had good talks and have similar opinions and we agree on the methods and steps we should take".

The President added, "We also discussed the budget bill for the year 1400 that was submitted to the Islamic Consultative Assembly, about what the parliament and the government can cooperate on, and possible reforms that they can make in the bill, and the government and parliament's economic teams were decided to discuss this issue".

Referring to the issue of COVID-19 vaccine as the third issue raised at the meeting, Dr Rouhani said, "Unfortunately, there is a discord and debate in the society about the vaccine that is not constructive, correct and useful".

Stating that we are seeking to provide the vaccine from a number of ways, he said, "The first way is producing domestic vaccine, for which two major institutes and a knowledge-based company are working, and we hope that they can achieve full success".

Dr Rouhani described the second way as developing a vaccine with the cooperation of another country and said, "We are trying to develop a vaccine with the cooperation of another country".

The President described the purchase of vaccines from abroad the third step of the government and said, "Necessary measures have been taken to purchase vaccines from the World Health Organisation under the framework of COVAX, and at the same time negotiations are underway with one or two other countries to purchase vaccines, and people need to be sure that the purchase of a foreign vaccine will be done with full assurance of its quality".

Stating that we hope that the domestic vaccine will go through all stages of production and will be available to the people with full confidence, Dr Rouhani added, "People should be sure that the country's officials consider their health as the most important and main issue".

In the final part of his speech, the President emphasised, "In the remaining months until the end of its activity, the government will seriously pursue the health of the people, breaking sanctions and the livelihood of people with the cooperation of other branches".

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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