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British Gov’t urged to stop supporting terrorism in Syria

Tehran, British officials called on Teresa May's government to stop supporting terrorist organizations in Syria under the name of opposition groups and to work towards finding a political solution to the crisis in it, SANA reported.

The Independent Newspaper quoted that the Global Network for Syria, which includes peers from the Conservatives, Labor, Liberal Democrats and also independents, has written to May demanding a change in the government's policy.

The group has accused the government of funding so-called moderate armed opposition forces the vast majority of whom they claim are dominated by Jihadist militants.

The Theresa May's foreign policy on Syria is prolonging suffering and is ensuring stabilization remains a distant possibility, according to the letter, which is signed by two former ambassadors to Syria, Lord Green of Deddington and Peter Ford.

The signatories called on the government to lift sanctions, work for diplomatic solutions and allow the Syrian people to determine their own future.

According to Ford, who served in Damascus from 2003 to 2006, the letter was looking to draw attention to current policies that he says have not worked.

The letter looks to draw attention to the risk of a new conflict, the pointlessness of continuing to apply sanctions to Syria when they haven't worked.

He also warned of the attempts to undermine the Syrian government.

'We urge the UK government to allow the people of Syria to decide their own future, said Baroness Cox, who also signed the letter.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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