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Buddhist Nuns Gather from World Over to Support Inter-Korean Peace

Buddhist nuns from 12 countries have gathered in Seoul to pray for peace and the unification of the Korean Peninsula.

An international association of Buddhist nuns kicked off their meeting at a hotel in Seoul on Thursday with around 400 Buddhist nuns from home and abroad in attendance.

The Venerable Hwajeong, the head of the Korean branch of the association, said the two Koreas will achieve unification if they practice and achieve Buddha's teaching of asa?skrta-dharma(unconditioned existence), where all is one.

The Most Venerable Seoljeong, Chief Administrator of South Korea's largest Buddhist order, Jogye, thanked the foreign monks for visiting the country to support inter-Korean peace.

He said he hoped the event will serve as a reminder of the value of unity, peace and unification.

Source: KBS World Radio

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