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Bullying sanctions not to have impact on relations with Iraqi Kurdistan

Iran's Consul General in Erbil Morteza Ebadi stressed that the US 'bullying' sanctions against Iran has no effect on economic relations with Iraqi Kurdistan.

Iran's Consul General in Erbil made the remarks in a meeting with the chairman and members of Iraqi Kurdistan Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.

Ebadi, in reviewing the previous agreements, referred to three issues of lack of total carriage of goods, the lack of cars on the Iraqi side for the transportation of goods and the lack of clarity of the right of transit from the Kurdistan region, as well as the lack of unit management in the market, numbers of holidays and hours of work on the part of Iran, as part of the reasons for the lack of satisfaction of businessmen of the parties.

He expressed hope that the increase in provincial visits among the parties would increase the number of trade exchanges.

Ebadi also referred to resumption of the US' sanctions against Iran under the pretext of the country's support for terrorism and missile power and said, 'If everyone has the right to speak about human rights and counterterrorism, at least the United States, which shaped its rule by killing Indians and using atomic bombs against the government and other nations and supported the bombing of the innocent people of Sardasht and Halabche by the Saddam regime, and the founder of the gangs of terrorist such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, must not talk about human rights.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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