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Call for setting up joint anti-coronavirus committee of Iran, Russia universities

Tehran Chancellor of University of Tehran on Tuesday for the establishment of joint committee between the Iranian and Russian universities to cooperate and share experiences and findings in the field of fighting coronavirus.

Mahmoud Nili-Ahmadabadi made the remarks in the fifth session of the Iranian and Russian top universities held online late on Tuesday when he added that meeting over the recent years has helped increase exchange of instructors and students between the two countries’ universities.

Also, the joint meeting of Iran and Russia has increased the information about the capabilities of the two countries, he said.

Stressing that the level of economic and political cooperation between Iran and Russia should increase in the current situation, Nili added that today the world needs science more than ever.

“Using the development of technology, we continued our scientific activities and agreed to establish joint courses in the Iranian and Russian universities, and we were also concerned about student exchanges, which were addressed through virtual learning,” he said.

The two countries worked together in the field of Persian and Russian languages, but mutual cooperation needs to be developed further, and this is one of the main programs, chancellor of University of Tehran said.


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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