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Caretaker of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance: Government is serious in protecting Intellectual Property Rights with regard to digital media

Caretaker of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mr. Abbas Salehi during his visit to Digital Media Exhibition said government is determined to safeguard the Intellectual Property Rights with respect to digital Media.

According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mr. Salehi talking to reporters on the sideline of the exhibition said promotion of culture is a joint responsibility of people and state institutions, adding that the young generation has contributed immensely to expansion of digital media industry in the country. Mr. Salehi went on to say that Cyber space can pave the way for support of domestic products and upholding what is called resistance economy. He said a considerable segment of our people have a similar way of life in cyber space and real life and in fact today we have a dual life one in cyber space and the other in real environment and due to this same reason if we want to promote local products and secure its priority over the foreign made products, then cyber space can be instrumental in creating the culture needed for consumption locally produced goods.

Source: Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

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