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Casualties of Civilians in western Aleppo Rises to 15 people

Casualties of terrorist Mortar shelling and missile strikes at the civilian districts in western part of Aleppo in past midnight risen to 15 civilians including 4 children and a woman.

Terrorist group in eastern Aleppo target civilian area in western Aleppo and other region in the east which newly liberated from terrorist.

Hayat Hospital in Kallaseh, Al Aazamiyyeh, Maysaloon, Sayf Al Dawleh, Hamdaniya and Al Sanam roundabout, Ramouseh and Halab al Jadidah and other areas controlled by the government forces in Aleppo city targeted by mortar and missile from last midnight. These attacks resulted to death of 15 civilians.

Kafrnaha town and Al Rashedin at the western neighborhoods of the Aleppo was also the scene of sporadic clashes between pro-government forces and terrorist. These 2 site also targeted by terrorist mortal shells.

Meanwhile Syrian Army and air force targets terrorist position in eastern part of Aleppo. Al Ferdus, Bustan Al Qasr and Al Zebdiyyeh are small parts of easterm Aleppo which is the concentration center of terrorists.

Source: Al Alam

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