• Turks protest against referendum result in Istanbul

    Chanting anti-Erdogan slogans during Saturday's march, the protesters vowed to stay on the streets until the referendum's result is annulled.

    They carried banners reading, No to one-man rule, Referendum should be annulled and "No. We won!" A demonstrator held up …

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  • ISIS moves its capital in Syria

    According to U.S. defense officials, ISIS has essentially moved its so-called capital in Syria.

    In the wake of increased airstrikes and pressure applied from three directions by U.S.-backed Syrian forces, ISIS has essentially moved its so-called capital in Syria, U.S. …

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  • Iran condemns Paris terrorist attack

    Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iran's Foreign Ministry condemned the terrorist attack of late Thursday in Paris and offered sympathies to the French.

    (MNA) -- Unfortunately compromising and sometimes supporting the murderous terrorists, which recount West's double standard way of …

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  • Venezuelan protests against government leave three dead

    Two Venezuelan students and a National Guard sergeant died on Wednesday after being shot during protests against unpopular leftist President Nicolas Maduro, increasing turmoil in the volatile nation amid a devastating economic crisis.

    (Rueters) -- Opposition supporters protested in Caracas …

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