• Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians Flee from ISIS in South of Mosul

    Hundreds of Iraqis fled their homes in the village of Abu Jarboa on Thursday (October 27) fearing Islamic State (ISIS / Daesh / ISIL / IS) retaliation and continued clashes in the area.The displaced people, carrying their most essential belongings and …

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  • Senior Terrorist Commander Killed in Syrian Air Raids in Hama

    A notorious field commander of Tajamo al-Ezzah terrorist group was killed in heavy airstrikes in Northern Hama on Wednesday.Syrian fighter jets pounded terrorists’ concentration centers and gatherings near the towns of Souran, al-Latamina, Ma’an, Tal B…

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  • Syrian Army Evacuate Civilians in Aleppo

    Dozens of families were evacuated from a Syrian government-controlled area of eastern Aleppo on Tuesday.A reporter for the Syrian Arab News Agency said 48 people, including many women and children, left the area in the direction of western neighbourhoo…

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  • Turkey FM Says Troops in Multiple Fronts in Mosul Operations

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu claims Turkey is involved in the operations to liberate Mosul on multiple fronts despite Iraq’s denial of its involvement.On Monday, Cavusoglu said that Turkish artillery was already involved in the operations,…

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