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  • Iraqi Army Recaptures Six Neighborhoods in Mosul from ISIL

    The Iraqi forces have been able to retake six neighborhoods in Mosul City after targeting ISIL key positions there, forcing the group to retreat towards the city center.

    Subsequent to clashes with ISIL terrorists, our Counter-Terrorism Units liberated the neighborhoods …

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  • Similarity between Attacking Yemen and Wife Beating

    Saudi Ambassador in Washington has compared Saudi tank attack to Yemen as beating their own wife.

    According to Al-Alam News Network the reporters have asked Abdullah bin Faisal, Saudi ambassador in Washington about the reason that they do not stop …

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  • Bank of China to operate in Iran

    In a meeting with CBI Governor, the president of the Bank of China expressed his Bank's desire to operate in Iran.

    During this meeting, Valiollah Seif addressed Chen Siqing, President of China Bank and said, "Iran has had deep and …

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  • Iran, Germany to co-op in preserving Tabriz cultural heritage

    The Managing Director of East Azarbaijan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism said Iran and Germany will cooperate in protecting Tabriz cultural heritage.

    Iran, Germany to co-op in preserving Tabriz cultural heritage

    Speaking in the opening ceremony of the 1st Irano-German …

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