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  • Syria in Last 24 Hours by Videos

    The Syrian army struck a heavy blow at the terrorists by destroying their tunnel in Damascus countryside.

    The Syrian troops continued their offensive operations against the Takfiri groups in Damascus countryside, uncovering a tunnel connecting a number of buildings in …

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  • Peshmerga Forces Enter Bashiqa

    Video footage shows Kurdish forces enter city of Bashiqa. Peshmerga have made great success to liberate Bashiqa. The town of Bashiqa has been surrounded by Kurdish forces for weeks.Bashiqa is about 13 kilometers (eight miles) northeast of Mosul. 12

    Source: …

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  • Australia Arrests 2 Suspects Linked to Syria Militants

    Police in Australia have arrested two individuals on charges of breaching the country's laws on involvement in foreign conflicts by joining a terrorist group in war-torn Syria.

    The two suspects, 24-year-old Mehmet Biber and an unnamed 17-year-old male, were taken …

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