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  • Female Iraqi Journalist Abducted by Gunmen in Baghdad

    A female Iraqi journalist has been abducted in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, by armed men who burst into her home under the guise of members of security forces.

    Head of Iraq's Journalistic Freedoms Observatory Ziad al-Ajili said on Tuesday that …

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  • Body of Crashed Russian Plane Discovered in Black Sea

    Russian divers on Monday found the main body of the military plane that crashed in the Black Sea with 92 people onboard, an official told Russian news agencies.

    Alalam - Russia

    "Divers... have found the fuselage of the plane that …

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  • Foggy sky of Tehran

    From the early hours of Sunday morning, the rain and temperature drop caused thick fog covering some parts of Tehran.

    Source: Al-Alam News Network

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  • A village made of nature

    Qazvin nature village is an exceptional zoo in Qazvin province which is a research and a rehabilitation center. The zoo is stretching over 10 hectares of land with various species receiving professional care.

    Source: Al-Alam News Network

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  • Tunisian Police Warn of Militants Return from Iraq, Syria

    Tunisian security authorities warned of the return of thousands of militants fighting for terrorist groups in Iraq and neighboring Syria to the small Mediterranean country, demanding exceptional measures to combat the phenomenon.

    The return of terrorists from hotbeds of unrest …

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