• Geneva Peace Talks Produce Clear Agenda: UN Envoy

    The latest round of the Syrian peace talks has concluded in the Swiss city of Geneva, with the United Nations hailing the negotiations as “substantive” and the talks yielding a clear agenda for the future of the war-ravaged Arab country. Speaking at a …

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  • Trump drops Iraq from travel ban list

    U.S. officials say President Donald Trump’s new immigration order will remove Iraq from the list of countries whose citizens face a temporary U.S. travel ban.Four officials say the administration’s decision follows pressure from the Pentagon and State …

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  • Netanyahu Warns Australia to Beware of Iran’s Threat

    The terrorists of al-Qa’ida and ISIS could be replaced by Shi’ite groups manipulated by Iran, who would be just as dangerous to the world, according to zionist’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    In an exclusive interview as he prepared to leave Australia after a four-day visit, he said an Iran with nuclear weapons would threaten Australia as well as the Middle East, and called for greater �military-to-military co-operation between Jerusalem and Can�berra.

    When I look at Syria and Iraq, I think that the danger of ISIS has been greatly reduced, he said, but the possibility now looms that the militant Sunnis of ISIS and al-Qa’ida may be �replaced by the militant Shi’ites of Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah. Netanyahu is confident that the new Trump administration in Washington will take tougher �action against Iran.

    He says the US is considering as we speak a range of new sanctions against Iran.

    He remains a critic of the �nuclear deal that the Obama �administration enacted with Iran.

    If the deal can’t be changed, it should be cancelled, he said. The problem with the deal is that it guarantees that in 10 or 15 years, Iran will have the capacity for a breakout not of one or two bombs but up to 100 bombs. To have such a rogue nation with such vast atomic power will threaten the peace and stability of the entire world.

    Netanyahu’s call for closer military co-operation between Australia and Israel is one of the few areas where the two nations have not grown closer. Canberra sources suggest that while the Australian Defence Force has no objection to closer co-operation with Israel in principle, it fears this could damage or jeopardise the relationships it has in the Arab Gulf world, which allow Australia to deploy forces in Iraq and Syria, theaustralian.com reported.

    Source: Al Alam

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  • Favorable media barred from White House briefing

    The White House blocked a number of news organizations from attending an informal briefing Friday, a rare and surprising move that came amid President Trump’s escalating war against the media.

    White House press secretary Sean Spicer banned reporters from CNN, the New York Times, Politico, the Los Angeles Times and BuzzFeed from attending a gaggle, a non-televised briefing, but gave access to a number of other reporters, including those representing conservative outlets.

    The White House said the decision was not made to exclude journalists from organizations that have been the most critical of Trump in their reporting in favor of those who are more favorable. Although the invited included Fox News, Breitbart and the Washington Times � all considered sympathetic to the administration � the approved list also included CBS, NBC, ABC, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Time and the Associated Press.

    However, reporters from AP and Time decided against attending the briefing in protest of the exclusion of other news outlets.

    The unusual ban came the same day that Trump, appearing at an annual gathering of conservatives, launched another round of complaints about the news media. Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Trump called reporters dishonest and fake and denounced the use of anonymous sources in reports about his administration.

    Trump himself has served as an anonymous source on occasion and in the early 1990s occasionally posed as a fake anonymous source to promote himself. His blast about anonymous sourcing came a few hours after senior White House officials demanded anonymity from reporters in a briefing to criticize a CNN report that Chief of Staff Reince Priebus had asked FBI officials to publicly disavow stories about Trump campaign aides’ contacts with Russian sources.

    While Trump made lambasting the media a regular feature of his presidential campaign � and banned about a dozen news organizations from covering his rallies � he seemed to ratchet up his rhetoric last week by tweeting that various news outlets were the enemy of the American people. He repeated that description on Friday in his speech at CPAC.

    Source: Al Alam

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