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  • 200,000 Migrants are Suffering in Syria and Iraq

    After the first weeks of winter in Syria, hundreds of thousands of migrants are back to their suffering due to the snow, rain, cold, and floods which devastate the camps and in Iraq many have same condition.

    In the northern …

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  • Iraqi Army Troops, Allies’ Forces Enter ISIS-Held Mosul

    Iraqi forces have entered the ISIS-held city of Mosul for the first time since major operations began to liberate the Takfiri terrorists' stronghold in Iraq.

    Members of Iraq's elite Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) battled their way into the city's eastern …

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  • 3 Russian Submarines Heading to Syria Waters for Aleppo War

    Three Russian submarines travelling to join the fleet of Russian ships headed by the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov enrout to Syria to take part in Aleppo War detected, Uk Daily Independent reported.

    According to report, two Akula class submarines and …

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  • Turkey Sends More Troops to Northern Syria

    Informed sources have said that Ankara has sent more troops and military equipment to the Northern territories of Syria to strengthen its Euphrates Shield Operation.

    "The Turkish Army has sent more forces to Jindris region at the Turkish border with …

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