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  • The Most Severe Strike of Syrian Army Destroyed Nusra in Homs

    Syrian Army targeted Fatah Al-Sham military Base in Hawsh Hajwa by artillery and missile, destroyed the base completely and killing all the terrorists inside the base. Military vehicles of the terrorists were also destroyed in the missile and artillery shelling …

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  • Stunning Supermoon Decorates Skies around World

    A bright shining supermoon illuminated the skies around the world on Monday evening, creating a stunning view owing to the moon's closest distance to planet Earth in the past seven decades.

    A supermoon occurs when the moon becomes full on …

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  • Shows Iraqi Army Helicopters Bombing ISIS Positions in Mosul

    The Iraq military released video on Tuesday, which it said showed army helicopters attacking ISIS positions around Mosul.

    The footage shows a helicopter departing from Qaraya air base, before further shots of a helicopter carrying out a bombing raid in …

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  • ISIS Burn Oil Wells in South of Mosul

    Plumes of smoke were seen on Monday coming from burning oil wells in the town of Qayara, Iraq.

    Three of the wells are still burning after the ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) terrorists blew them up in August to reduce visibility.…

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