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Cease fire in Syria, stiff examination: FM official

Damascus, July 20, A senior Iranian diplomat said the latest agreed cease fire in the south of Syria is exposed to an important examination of the proctor and international sides' fidelity.

Unfortunately, a number of proctors of such cease fires have never been bound to them and they have almost breeched all the agreements, Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari told reporters after a meeting with Syrian foreign minister on Wednesday.

In the first place we need to see that the proctors of these cease fires will remain loyal to the goals of the agreement or they breech again like before, Jaberi Ansari elaborated.

He added, If the proctors of the latest cease fire remain loyal to the agreement in the framework of the triple goals of Astana Talks, it is hopeful that the procedure will have positive outcomes; otherwise, it will be a prelude to negative developments, he said.

The goal to create tension-reduction zones in Astana Talks was to produce an atmosphere to focus all efforts to fight against terrorism and to find a way out of the critical situation and the reduction of casualties and human disasters in Syria, he further said.

Also speaking to reporters was the deputy Foreign Minister of Syria Faisal Mekdad who referring to the Islamic Republic's efforts to eliminate terrorism, said, there is no doubt that the Islamic Republic of Iran's effort as well as the Syrian government and Russia are genuine in the battle with the international terrorism; however, we doubt that the international efforts are in the same direction.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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