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Chabahar port equipment suitable for transit: Uzbek official

Chabahar, Chabahar port facilities and equipment are suitable for transiting Uzbek and other countries' goods, which should be properly utilized, said Uzbek special representative.

Effective measures have been taken for transit, and port equipment capacities in Chabahar port which can help Iran-Uzbekistan ties grow, said Uzbekistan Special Representative to Afghanistan Ismatilla Irgashev in a meeting with Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) managers on Tuesday evening.

Chabahar port has established fine mooring facilities that eased the process of transferring wheat consignments from India to Afganistan on grant basis, he added.

He stressed that Iran has always sought to maintain good neighborly relations and expand its international economic, trade and political ties with other countries.

Irgashev accompanied by other Uzbek officials visited Shahid Beheshti Port Complex located in Chabahar, a southeastern Iranian port on Tuesday.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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