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Chief prosecutor vows to help extradition of Iranian prisoners from Thailand

Montazeri made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Head of Thai Constitutional Court Nurak Mapraneet in Tehran on Tuesday.

During the meeting, Montazeri expressed pleasure for the visit of his Majesty Nurak Mapraneet to Iran, and said that relations between the two countries stand at an appropriate level while expressing hope that such visits in different fields of politics, judiciary, economics and other grounds could bring good results and to be useful for both states.

Thailand stance on Muslims had always been positive and noticeable, so Iran, as a Muslim country appreciates good willing and consideration of Thailand regarding Muslims.

He also explained Iran's Judiciary system structures and talked about its independence.

Montazeri asked Nurak Mapraneet to follow up situation of Iranian prisoners in Thailand and try to transfer them to Iran.

The Thai senior judge appreciated Iranian hospitalities and said he will follow up the case of Iranian prisoners in Thailand, when he returns.

He added that Thai people and government have always had a positive and suitable view on Muslims and are being paid heed accordingly.

Mapraneet also explained Thailand Judicial system structure and welcomed expansion of legal and judicial ties between the two countries.

Nurak Mapraneet, heading a high-ranking Judiciary delegation, arrived in Tehran and is slated to meet senior officials of Iran's Judiciary.

Thailand's high-ranking judicial delegation met with head of the Administrative Court of Justice on Tuesday morning.

They also met with secretary and a number of Guardian Council members on Monday morning.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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