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China paper: Sanctions not preventing Iran defense buildup

Beijing, According to the Chinese Newspaper 'South China Morning Post', US sanctions have not prevented Iran of reinforcing military and defense power.

The Chinese paper, referring to development of an indigenous fighter jet recently unveiled in Iran, wrote The US has sold hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to Iran's regional rivals, but has demanded that Tehran curb its defense programs, and is in the process of reimposing crippling sanctions in a bid to force it to comply.

The South China Morning Post also quoted remarks by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made during the unveiling ceremony that Iran's defense program is aimed at deterrence vis-A�-vis the United States.

The enemy should see how expensive an invasion of Iran would be, the Chinese media quoted Iran's president as saying.

Why does not the US wage a military attack on us? Because of our power, Rouhani was quoted as saying.

Iran unveiled its first domestically-made fighter aircraft dubbed Kowsar during a defense exhibition in Tehran on Tuesday.

The jet fighter has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with experts of Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO), other industrial organizations of the Ministry of Defense, Iranian Air Force, universities and knowledge-based companies.

The domestically-developed fighter aircraft, utilizing a wide network of the Iranian knowledge-based companies and industrial organizations of the Ministry of Defense along with other academic and research centers in the country, has optimized combat capability of the pilot, localized avionics and advanced 4th generation fire control as well as mechanical and hydraulic systems and the engine.

The fighter jet features an advanced integrated architecture and fire control avionics, the 4th generation digital data network, multi-purpose digital display technology, computerized ballistic calculations of weaponry and the HUD system to increase the accuracy of weapons and ammunition hits, advanced multi-objective fire control radar to enhance the detection of targets and threats, accurate radio and navigation independence and a smart mapping system.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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