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China to continue economic cooperation with Iran: Spox

Tehran, China is opposed to any measures which could help the US advance its unilateral sanctions against Tehran, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson 'Geng Shuang' said on Tuesday, adding that his country will continue with economic cooperation with Iran.

He told IRNA that irrespective of the US unilateral measures to sanction Iran, China will go on with its regular longterm cooperation with Iran within the framework of international regulations.

'Iran is a strategic partner of China and we have extensive cooperation with Tehran in different fields', he added.

'Geng Shuang' described China as a responsibile country which abides by international laws and said Beijing is opposed to any US attempt to end sanctions waivers to some of the largest consumers of Iranian oil.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a yet another unilateral and hostile act on Monday declared antiIran measures to lift sanctions waivers on buyers of Iran oil.

According to Western media, Pompeo claimed that the US had gained assurances from oil producers namely Saudi Arabia and the UAE to ensure a sufficient supply to minimize impact on pricing.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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