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China to joins Baghdad’s quadripartite security center

Baghdad, Following the success of the Quadripartite Center for Exchange of Security Information between Iran, Russia, Iraq and Syria, a source announced China's desire to join the center which constitutes an important step towards the realization of indigenous and regional security.

The Quadripartite Center for Exchange of Security Information (and Security Cooperation) of Iran, Iraq, Russia and Syria with the aim of exchanging information on counterterrorism has been established since 2015, with members of the delegations of the memberstates in Baghdad, and since then in the regular meetings, the last coordination and exchange of information between the memberstates is occurring.

An informed Iraqi source present at the meeting of the center told IRNA on Saturday that given the great success of the quadripartite center and security cooperation between Iran, Iraq, Russia and Syria in the war on terrorism, some other countries, including China, have expressed their readiness.

He said that the issue of the willingness of these countries to join the center was raised in a recent meeting and was welcomed by the members.

The Iraqi source referred to the other countries' interest in joining the center as a sign of the success of the cooperation between Tehran, Baghdad, Moscow and Damascus in the area of security in Iraq and Syria, as well as a step towards the development of these partnerships for the achievement of indigenous and regional security with the participation of all countries.

He emphasized that the activities of the center will continue to achieve the goals of the complete elimination of terrorism in Iraq and Syria, and the development of cooperation and the acceptance of new members is among its plans.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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